Record speech in moodle or make voice recordings for moodle

Tutorial: How to make voice recordings in moodle and for moodle

Voice recordings can have many functions within a Moodle course, both for teachers and students!

Voice recordings – both by teachers and pupils – can be used in many ways: as work assignments, or as spoken information for learners who cannot (yet) read, or of course in foreign language teaching.
Pupils can hand in recorded texts and, for example, use the forum to have an oral conversation in the foreign language.
This video shows how voice recordings can be recorded directly in the browser. Unfortunately this does not work on the iPad, so I also show in the video how to use the App Media Converter Flex for this purpose.

Teachers record voice

  • As a teacher, you can personalize moodle courses with recorded work assignments and information and also address your class directly.
  • In foreign language lessons, you as a teacher can indicate the correct pronunciation of vocabulary. Together with H5P you can, for example, create (or have someone create) talking card index boxes.
  • If you teach students with special needs – in a variety of forms and intensity – spoken information and work assignments can make learning in the moodle course easier or even make it possible in the first place.
  • You give feedback on submitted tasks orally rather than in writing.
So nehmen Sie schnell Audio-Feedbacks am iPad auf

Students record voice

Many didactic scenarios are conceivable in which pupils also make voice recordings, such as

  • In the moodle activity Assignment, no typed text is submitted, but something is spoken. This can be of great relevance in primary and special needs schools, for example, but also in foreign language teaching.
  • In the forum, a conversation (e.g. two-person conversation in one contribution each, group discussion) is conducted or simulated, but it is not typed but spoken.
  • In foreign language teaching, pupils create their own digital flashcards for themselves and, if necessary, for the whole class to learn.

For iPad classes and iPad cases or for teachers, the iPad administrator at the school can buy Media Converter Flex through the Volume Purchase Program with 50% discount!

Information for educational institutions using iPads

Record voice in Atto editor directly

On the PC, Mac, Android device or Chromebook you can speak directly in the editor in many browsers. For this purpose, one uses the built-in recording function of the editor Atto!

By the way, Atto has become the standard editor for moodle. If your editor looks different, you can change the text editor in your personal moodle settings. If Atto does not appear in the selection, contact the administrator of your moodle instance.

Make voice recordings for moodle on the iPad

The function to record directly in moodle, which is based on „WebRTC“, is unfortunately not supported on the iPad. Therefore you have to take the detour via an app, in which you make the voice recording.

  • The built-in voice memos app can record voice. You have to export the recording somewhere as a file to upload it. Furthermore, the file is created in .m4a format, which is not compatible everywhere.
  • That’s why I integrated a fast voice recording function into Media Converter Flex. The recording is immediately saved as an MP3 file, so you can easily upload it using the editor or even drag and drop. If you enter a file name, you can simply make many recordings in batch and then upload them all at once.
The voice recorder in Media Converter Flex