Sometimes, the best way to explain things is to show and illustrate them. In video conferencing situations with Adobe Connect on the Mac, it’s possible to activate screen mirroring in order to show participants the content of your screen.

Unfortunately, the iPad version of Adobe Connect doesn’t currently support sharing the iPad screen – something that competitors have been able to accomplish for a while now.

If you are using Adobe Connect and you have access to a Mac, you can still use your iPad so skech, illustrate or demonstrate apps and techniques from your iPad – into Adobe Connect! The software is built-in, so you don’t have to buy any additional software.

QuickTime Player to the rescue!

In QuickTime, you can „record“ camera streams. For Adobe Connect, you don’t want to record something in advance, but you can use the same technique to mirror the iPad display content to the Mac, where you are in deed able to share your screen into the Adobe Connect room.

This is how it’s done: